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O'Cribbs Golden Retrievers


 Featuring American/English Creams! 

We are a small hobby/breeding kennel specializing in family raised Large American/English blend Golden Retrievers. We only have a couple of litters per year. No mass producing of puppies here.  All of our goldens are members of the family that have quality behind them. As breeders for over 20+ years, we are confident that we can bring you that special new family member that you are looking for. If you prefer the large, teddy bear type, you've come to the right place.  O'Cribbs Goldens are large as far as AKC breed standard goes, but nothing has been compromised as far as health or temperament of these huge, lovable Golden teddy bears.   And size definitely runs in our lines, our American/English Creme Male is 85 lbs at 7 years old! At first meeting, you'd swear he was bigger. He's tall and has such presence.   Our American/English type pups are a light creamy vanilla color to buttery golden which adds softness to those adoring faces with big doe-eyed looks. 

We advocate health testing, such as OFA Hip/Cardiac and Eye CERF. Spay/Neuter is required as much care, testing and thought goes into raising puppies right.   We supervise the breeding and whelping of each litter.  Every puppy gets daily (sometimes hourly as we can't keep our hands off of them) handling and socializing.  We realize that these babies will be new members of loving families and we treat them as such right from the start.  Take look at our pages and see for yourself these Golden Teddy Bears. 

We are located in the Sacramento County, Northern California. Please email us below for more info. Email is the fastest way to reach us or text.

Debra Cribbs      Rio Linda, Northern California       916-204-5045



Benny - Our Foundation Stud Dog

Email here for puppy info!

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